Increasing Pedestrian Safety One Rain Umbrella At A Time.

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Crosswalk crashes can spike in dark, wet conditions due to the further erosion of a driver's ability to see you as you cross the street. In the vast majority of pedestrian crashes, the driver does not see the pedestrian.

After months of  prototypes and field testing, in March of 2019 our Canadian startup launched LifeLight Umbrella, the world's first collapsible rain umbrella exclusively designed to help keep you or loved ones safe when crossing the street in low light, rainy weather. 

Following our launch, LifeLight Umbrella was featured on a number of Canada and US broadcast networks and publications. Today it is very humbling to now have LifeLight users from Halifax to Vancouver and from Boston to San Diego.

Pedestrian crashes across the US and Canada have increased by as much as 50% over the past decade while other car crash statistics have only had marginal growth. If you are a crosswalk user LifeLight Umbrella is definitely good living insurance. LifeLight is also a wind resistant umbrella guaranteed to keep you dry on even very blustery days.

One year replacement coverage is included and no returns are ever necessary. 

Be Seen. Stay Safe.

John Vickers, Head Umbrella Guy, LifeLight Umbrella