Peace of mind on rainy days.

  • LifeLight Umbrella significantly increases driver response time by making you more visible from much further away
  • LED flashing canopy light with push button control (flashing and steady modes)
  • Built-in LED handle flashlight illuminates body and ground ahead
  • Retroreflective trims reflects headlights back at source to make you more visible
  • Easy to store (backpacks or briefcases)
  • Durable and built to last.
  • Canopy tech pocket for GPS location tracking.

    Stay Dry & Alive.

    1000's of Canadians are struck by vehicles each year and these crashes spike in dark, wet conditions when driver vision is reduced. Windproof LifeLight Umbrella was designed to not only keep you dry but to alert drivers of your presence when you cross the street.

    We hear from our clients all the time and they love the peace of mind of our added crosswalk protection. The additional investment in our premium umbrellas to stay safe is a small price to pay!

    Lightweight rain & crash protection.

      • Full canopy coverage of 40 inches, 102 centimeters
      • Flashing LED canopy roof light with On/Off switch
      • Bright LED flashlight within handle
      • Two layers of high visibility retro-reflective trim
      • Wind Protection - Built-in canopy vents allow wind in bowl to escape
      • Technology pocket fits common Bluetooth GPS trackers
      • Strong fiberglass / metal shaft design
      • 38 centimeters length, fits in backpacks & briefcases
      • Weight: Just 454 grams
      • Snap strap closure
      • Built using durable materials
      • Abrasion Resistant Fabric
      • Hang band
      • Storage bag
      • Uses standard AAA batteries within handle (included)
      • Warranted for one year, no returns required, replacement FOB to customer
      • Canadian warehouse

    Oh yah, it's also windproof.

    Barring hurricanes, LifeLight Umbrella won't collapse in windy conditions - we guarantee it! Our wind venting pockets allow wind to escape the bowl of your umbrella. No more worries over the wind collapsing your umbrella on blustery days. 

    Designed To Make A Difference.

    LifeLight Umbrella's exclusive design by a Canadian security professional was motivated following a tragic, wet evening where 17 pedestrians were struck in one metro area within approximately four hours. With driver visibility reduced by as much as 50 percent in such situations, LifeLight improves your odds of staying safe by becoming significantly more visible from much further away.


    "Feels safer every time I cross the street."

    Anne Wong, Toronto 

    "I am so delighted to own a LifeLight Umbrella, such a fantastic idea!"

    Julie Carroll, Vancouver, British Columbia

    "People really notice my umbrella, thrilled, it feels much safer"

    Fran Belanger, Montreal, Quebec

    "Smart thinking, I love mine."

    Jill Larsen, Halifax

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